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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentines Party

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Since all the decorations for Christmas had to come down it felt kinda lonely looking in the house. I am not much of a cold weather person and neither are my girls. We prefer lots of sun! lol We needed a way to enjoy the rest of winter so we spruced up the house with Valentines stuff. Since we are homeschooling we decided to make lots of our decorations and then it led into the fact that we needed to have a little girls Valentines Day party. Then that expanded to include two very handsome boys to the list. HA! So yesterday was our big day. It was so much fun. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by some of my closest friends and their precious children. Emma was in Valentines heaven with all of her sweet friends.
Each child was to make or buy a Valentines card for each guest. Emma and I got out my glitter, glue, tissue paper, and buttons to make our cards. (If you know me well you know we love glitter and it is found through out the house daily) When the kids arrived they put their cards into the gift bags Emma and I had gotten for each child. You could see how proud each child was because before they would put them in the bags they had to show each other what they made/bought for their friends. Kinda gave away the surprise but ohhhhh was it sweet!
I think I have overdone it on the pictures but I just could not resist. I wanted a picture of each kiddo and maybe got carried away. OH WELL!!!

Since I am such a fancy cook I made peanut butter sandwiches...hahaha

Ready for decorating

Deb and Church

Brynn and Emma ( I think Brynn made Emma a mask sweet Miss Brynn)

Gift bag

Valentine gift bags

Ohhhh so cute bff's Palah (Lala) and Abbie

Brynn, Emma and Mikayla

Mr. Valentine himself... Drake

Lia, Church, Brynn, Emma and Mikayla
Lia decorating her cupcake.



They are busy decorating their cupcakes.

Sweet Church


Heartbreaker Conner

Yes, homemade frosting and of course in pink and red. Thanks Eryn.

Palah (the little kids call her Lala)


Me and Victoria

Me and Eryn

They are opening their card bags.

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Tiffany and Drake

Cyrene and Gianna

Eryn and Conner

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