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Monday, February 20, 2012


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When I was a baby my mom started calling me "Bird". It stuck and all my birthday cards, gift tags and little love notes from my mom have always said "To: Bird". When Emma Blue became part of our family we noticed very early that she loved to sing and hum constantly so her nickname became "Song Bird".

I remember the day my mom, Song Bird, and I went to the doctors office to have an ultrasound and we found out IT WAS ANOTHER GIRL!!! We all cried; we were so excited. We knew we needed another name to add to our girl squad, so Abbie Cake soon had the nickname of "Sparrow". Because this pregnancy was rougher than the first, we applied the scripture of Matthew 6:26, and 10:29-31. "His eye is on the Sparrow". ~ Civilla Martin

I came across these sweet little birds at Michaels craft store the other day and just could not resist buying them. I plan on painting one for each one of my girl squad to display at my house. I will post pics on the progress later.

Reminds me of my favorite song but I got to add one for mama bird, aka Cinny.
Three Little Birds by: Bob Marley

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