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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A smile can make a difference

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 It is amazing how a smile can completely change your day. Have you ever seen someone who has a frowny face and looks mad at the world? I  wonder why they look so unhappy. Are they dealing with a serious illness or a death in the family, or maybe in an unhappy job situation? You just never know. When I am out and about I try to make eye contact with people and smile.

 A few weeks ago I was at Publix, walking across the parking lot with my grocery cart, minding my own business, when I looked up and this older gentleman was walking towards me to the entrance. I smiled really know the kind when you show some teeth? All I expected was a simple nod. Not even a hi or big smile back, but the gentleman stopped me by putting his hand up with the "STOP" signal (which I might add, did scare me a bit) and said "you have a nice smile and you are going to go far." He also said something to the affect of I was wearing purple and that was a color of royalty. Ha (giggle) Although I didn't know what he meant or how far I was going to go, it felt good to be noticed by my smile and that whatever it was, I made a small impression on him. He then walked on his way and said "Have a blessed day." How can ya beat that? What a great feeling.

I try to remember when someone snaps at me or doesn't smile back that they are hiding a story behind that frown.

Abbie Cake

Ampa and Emma and their grille

Sweet Emma Blue (one of my many favorite pics of her)


Yep, that is a smile from Steve...(better be, ha)

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