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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Egg project with acrylic paint

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Easter Project
We are going to make paper Easter eggs to decorate our front living room window.

 My sweet girls precious hands after our project. We had such a great time!

This is how we did this project.

supplies needed; acrylic paint, cut out paper eggs about 2 inches in length, Styrofoam plate, clear plastic wrap

First thing you do is let your child pick out their favorite colors and squirt them around the edges of the plate in a circle. Then squirt white in the middle. Place a sheet of clear plastic wrap across the top of the plate with enough to tuck under the bottom.

Then you let your child take their finger and stir it around and around in the plate over the clear plastic wrap. Sometimes you may have to push the paint more to the center but it should begin to look like this. Don't mix too much or it will blend too much and not be pretty.

Then take the clear plastic wrap off the plate and lay it aside. Take your egg and lay it into the paint and tap your fingers all along the backside of the egg. (Yes you will get messy so be prepared and HAVE FUN!!!)

Pull the egg up and lay it out to dry and VIOLA you have beautiful looking eggs. Emma and Abbie had so much fun doing this project. I am thinking of making a paper tree and letting the eggs hang on it for a pretty decoration for Easter. Dern, I love this kind of mess.

A shot of the eggs drying.....I will post pics of the end result another day.

If you want to see where I got this idea from and see some other fun projects to work on click HERE.

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