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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Memory Jar 2012 These are Days to Remember

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I blinked and realized my kids are 2 and 6 years old. I can remember bringing each precious baby home and not wanting to take my eyes off them or even share them with anyone cause I wanted to hold them forever. Time has flown by and sometimes it feels as though I am holding on for dear like and being dragged on my belly by time! Every January 1st I get depressed for about 2 days. I sit and watch "Anne of Green Gables" (the whole series) just to cope with how fast the year has gone by. It's hard as a mama to see the days fly by and feel like you may have missed a moment.

I have kept a journal by my bed since the day I we brought home Emma Blue. I add little stories in it. A new word here or there and try to document special moments. How can you keep up with them? There are so many in a day.

This year I decided to make a "Memory Jar" and put our sweet stories or aggravating at the moment, but someday I will laugh moments in the jar. Our plan is on January 1st 2013 we will sit down and read them together as a family. Emma got so excited about the jar she will say "mom, this is something we need to write for the memory jar." It's really sweet. Even though her little sister gets on her nerves she gets excited when Abbie's says a new word and makes sure to tell me to put it in the jar.

There is a song by Natalie Merchant called "These are the days". It is one of my favorites. Steve used to play that for me while we were dating and even had it inscribed on a photo album for one of our anniversaries while we were dating. Anyway, I think of that song when I look at my jar and have a moment to take a breath and see my little girls. For these are the days to remember.

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