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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A split second and your life can change

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Yesterday we got devastating news from my brother. His 3 year old son Jude has cancer! I do not think the reality of that word is more powerful until it is within the safety of your family and you stand facing a huge challenge ahead. Although I am not the mama or daddy facing this struggle with one of mine it is my baby brother who I know has a heavy heart and so that hurts me.

As a mother I can only imagine the helpless feeling and fear they have at this moment. Confusion, shock and anger as to "why me"?

In these last two years I have been reminded of how precious life is. It can change in a split second and we are not promised tomorrow.

I thankful for a loving God and that my brother, and sister in law know their Jude is in God's powerful healing hands.

I am thankful that our parents instilled in us the only hope we have is Jesus! He can do ALL things!!!!

I do not understand and cannot wrap my brain as to "why" but I know God sees the future and we can only see the moment or the past. The comfort with painful past is actually a piece of hope we have because we have seen God's mighty work done and stand on the promise He will do it again.

So today as my day gets started in just a few hours I am holding onto that faith I have been given.

Please say a prayer for 3 year old Jude as he is facing the fight of his little, precious life.

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