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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painting for Jude

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It has been such a beautiful spring! I cannot believe that June is just a breath away. Trying to keep up with homeschooling and domestic duties keeps my time pretty much filled but I thought I would sit down and type a bit about what has been going on.

Well, first off I posted a few weeks ago that my brother's little boy Jude has been diagnosed with leukemia. It was a shock to all of us and especially to them. Jude has been in and out of the hospital with a few complications but we are reminded daily God has him in the palm of HIS healing hands. Their baby girl is due this Friday so I will have a niece which is their first girl! I know they are really excited about that but weighed down with new responsibilities and stresses. They have a long road ahead but seem to be handling things well. They are very blessed to be surrounded by so many that care for them and are able to help. I wish I was able to do more but we live too far away so we do what we can and pray! If you are interested in keeping up with Jude's journey to recovery here is a site my brother is updating as he can.

A few weeks ago I felt led to paint this painting. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but by the end of the day I really liked what I saw. So I posted it on my facebook fan page and a friend of mine saw it and said she wanted to buy it. I told her all profit of this particular painting will be going to Jude's medical expenses. A few minutes later another friend said she wanted one too so I decided how ever many of these particular paintings sold I would donate the profit to Jude. After a day another friend contacted me and requested one too. lol

We were at Who-fest in Chattanooga TN. a few weekends ago and I sold another painting in honor of Jude. This is the painting that sold.

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