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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whats been keeping me busy....

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Sooooo much to say...It has been a busy busy spring and now summer has finally arrived and I am still going going going!
I'm not sure where I left off or even where to begin. I wanted to share a few things that have been keeping me busy and at least give you the excuse as to why I am horrible at updating my blog. : (
Last month Steve and I traveled to Chattanooga Tn for a folk art show which was so much fun. Since then I have been selling some of my work here or there with full profit going to Jude's recovery.

I started selling my work at Bell's Handcrafts and now I am selling at Corner Arts Gallery downtown Newnan. I have sold two pieces so far and that just puts a smile on my face and I hope whom ever has bought too!

We went to the beach the last week of May and had a great time just being a family. Got to soak up the sun at one of our favorite beaches Steve and I used to go to when we lived in Florida. Now we get to take our girls there.

We had swimming lessons two weeks ago and last week was VBS! Me and my good friend Jodi always teach the crafts.....exhausting but so much fun! I claim her every year cause she is a real teacher and knows how to run a class. LOL

We are still homeschooling but because we go through the year we are doing four days a week right now. So excited about starting 1st grade soon. Emma amazes me and makes me laugh everyday.....not all days are perfect though. : )

Well just a few tidbits about what has been happening at the Smith's house! We are having a blast and excited about the future. I will post new work as I make it.

Happy Summer my friends!

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