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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Window photo project

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I do not have a lot of wall space in my house. Mainly because I decorate my walls with my art and several of my friends work. I DO NOT BUY from any retail stores to decorate my walls. I feel like my home is my personal gallery and each piece hanging in it has a story. Whether it is mine or a artist friend has given me a personal treasure or maybe I have even bought a piece or two myself. Each one has a story behind it and we surround ourselves with love and special memories.

I don't have hardly any pictures of my girls up and we recently had a close friend photograph them in my parents back yard next to a 1960s horse barn. The pictures are so beautiful and captures their sweet faces and personality. I decided to bring down one of my paitings in our living room above our couch and put something new up. I wanted to have the girls photos turned into black and white and  included them in my next piece. Although I am still working on the pictures I put a few in to test it out and we did go ahead and hang it.
I have seen this done before but have never tried one myself. I normally paint on old windows and sell them but I decided to try something different. In this picture I am scraping off the old paint left on the glass. I sanded the wood to give it texture and get rid of the rough stuff.

I went ahead and put paint tape around the edges of the glass because I am lazy and I don't want to scrape paint off again. LOL

I first painted the wood with a primer. That way everything is all one color. Then I mixed my colors in order to make it exactly the color I wanted for my living room. This matches my curtains that are directly across on the other wall from this painting.

Like I said before I am still working on getting my pictures all done and ready to put up so I put a few in their place. This is almost done but I need two more antique glass door knobs to put on the bottom of the window. My mom and dad bought me the glass knob hanging from this window for mothers day! I love gifts like that. They are priceless and again I have memories to cherish. Even though no one would understand or see the value in this piece it is my story and I get to look at it everyday and know exactly why, where and how I did it.

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