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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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This past spring my mom started a "Stitches" class at our church. It is growing and becoming such a fun time to hang out with great friends. All you have to do is bring your latest unfinished project, a bagged lunch, and if you have kiddos they are welcome too! We have a blast!   I worked on making some felt hearts for Valentines Day. Although many of the ladies bring their own fabrics and my mom teaches different patterns for quilting you can do whatever you like. Some come and make clothing for their children, or knitting, or crocheting. It is just a fun way to do what we love and visit at the same time. The kids love it too! They play right there with us in the gym.

Here is a few pics of the ladies working. We didn't have as big a crowd today as last month but if you miss a class you just pick up where you left off  the last time you were there.
 Dot and my mom working on the lamp quilt project.
 My mess of stuff. I maybe accomplished one heart out of felt. LOL
 Kathy, Kathy and Deb
 Pahla and Abbie Cake rolling around on the gym floor. They are all such well behaved girls. I just love them ALL!!!
                                             Emma Blue and Church playing in the gym!

Kathy working on her Lamp quilt

                                                      Deb working on her lamp quilt

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