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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween is right around the corner!

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The holidays are coming and it is such an exciting time of year. I am not fond of cold weather but since I cannot change that I make the most out of what is coming. Right now I see people putting up their Halloween and fall decorations so we are jumping on board this year too.

Emma asked me if she could be Hello Kitty for Halloween and of course I said YES!!!! It is pretty much all girls in this house accept for my husband who is so good with all the girl stuff. (he was meant to have girls for sure) Anyway I am going to make an attempt to put together both girls costumes. NO sewing on my part. I am NOT a fan of that. At least not yet. As for now I am making the ears and bow and some appliques for the girls shirts. Hello Kitty always has a theme. Whether she is at the beach in a bathing suit or girl scout uniform. We have come up with a ice cream parlor girl for Emma and Rock star for Abbie. We will see how this new adventure turns out. At least they are at an age where they just want to dress up and do not really care how great it is. LOL If they turn out bad I will blame Party City for the tacky costumes. HA!
Last year we were in one of my favorite places in Florida for Halloween. St. Augustine had a costume contest and all the kids and their parents paraded our kiddos on the old streets in the historical area. It was the best Halloween we have ever had. Although we did not win my girls and I we super excited to be a part of it.

This year will be on a family trip before Halloween so we will be in town on Halloween and have decided to participate in our churches Trunk or Treat. When we were there a few years ago they also had a Halloween costume contest so it will be fun. It you are in the area come join us for the fall festival at Orchard Hills! We would love to have you. Even Cinny and Ampa are getting into the groove this year by decorating the bed of their truck and giving away candy! Hmmmm wondering if I can get them to dress up too. LOL

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