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Monday, July 18, 2011

A new project

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We do not have a large house so storage is a challenge around here. Although someday we plan to sell and buy a bigger home (because let's face it I have girls and we need room) we can't, due to the economy so we do with what we got and don't complain. We just make it work! Anywho, we had a yard sale with my parents in the spring and got rid of lots of junk. However my parents had a bookshelf that didn't sell. It was not something that would go with our decor so I didn't think about taking it home with me.

 I started talking to my dad about buying an armoire. Since we can't put the house on the market and we need extra storage he came up with the idea to turn the old bookshelf into an armoire. So it was decided that he had a new project to do. Although my dad stays really busy with his work, he loves projects and I love when he makes something special for me or my children. 

Although I can't find a good picture of what it looked like before I wanted to give you an idea. It looked kinda like oak. LOL Not sure what to call that. This is a picture with the primer. The cat in the photo is Jelly Bean and she decided to make her presence known. : )
Because it is going in between a closet door and my bedroom door it just seemed like white was getting lost in the room. So I decided on a color to match our comforter and some of the accents in our room.
The color I chose is called Galactica by Olympic.

My hang up is I am not sure if I should paint the doors all blue or keep the frame any thoughts??? Not saying I will take your advice but I sure could use a little input! LOL

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