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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Summer Day

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I had many little blessings today! I'm overwhelmed when I look at my family and know they are all mine!!!

We went to church this morning and worshipped our amazing God and were reminded once again He conquers all burdens and heartache. Although my heart gets heavy now and again I know my God is in control. There is so much heartache out there and loneliness and only God can fill those empty spaces.

After we got home from church we grilled hot dogs. That is a favorite around here during the summer days. Summer is coming to an end so we are going to take advantage of them while we can.

After lunch Steve worked in the yard and I home schooled Emma. We needed a break and to run off some energy so we headed outside into our fenced in backyard. It was wonderful. We laid in the grass, watched Ivy (my parents puppy) chomp at knats and Steve and I spray painted our new mirror we will be hanging in our living room soon. (post to come on that)

While we laid in the grass I was looking at the vast sky and how BIG it is compared to us. Steve and I talked about our next big project we want to do on the house and some smaller ones to keep us occupied through the winter.

A little over a year ago we wanted to put the house on the market but when we talked to a Realtor we realized our home has depreciated even though we have upgraded and remodeled different rooms we would still have to come up with a significant amount of money to get out of our mortgage. We were told the same ol crap that "others are also in our shoes". Made me mad at first cause I thought we did everything right. We bought a starter home to get our life started and upgraded appliances and some outdated features then put the house on the market and upgrade ourselves. Well it turns out many do the opposite. Took me about a month to get through my anger and disappointment with lots of talks to God. I was disgusted. After some time I came to the peace that we like our home. It's ours. We made it ours and if I had a cardboard box I would make it ours too. I needed to count my blessings. So we started thinking differently. Our plan today is to continue working on our home in the corner of this BIG world and make it more enjoyable. I don't know how long we will stay here. Maybe till my kids are gone or maybe we will be gone in a few years but it's our home and my heart lives here. More importantly my family lives here!!!

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