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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Precious Hands

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A few years ago I decided to make over our bedroom. I needed it to be a place where I could get away. Everything I do and anywhere I go involves my babies. I am not complaining, but in the evening when they go to bed I don't want to look at toys and the product of our day. I just felt like making my room a get away with calm tranquil colors would be awesome! However I wanted to incorporate something of theirs that tied my theme and design together. So I took a few old frames. I painted them a dark umber brown and distressed them. Then I made three separate collages to put in each frame to hang above our bed. The far left one is a cut out of Emma's hand with her name and the word "faith" on it. The middle one is two birds with the word "Love" on it. The one on the right is a cut out of Abbie's hand with her name and the word "Hope" on it. I love these pieces dearly and will always cherish them! Just wanted to share!

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