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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Faith, Hope, Love

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I recently did a show in Chattanooga called WHOfest. It is my favorite show every year and I so look forward to seeing my friends and being around those I admire most. This year I definetly met some very interesting people. One that sticks out happens to be a potential buyer. Although for obvious reasons (which I am about to get to) not a potential buyer of mine. I don't know exactly where he was from but I know not an original Tennesse kinda guy. He stood for several minutes looking over my work. My girlfriend was there sitting with me annoyed that he lingered but didn't say a word. Finally she spoke up and said something to the effect of him purchasing an original piece of her friends work...meaning me. He seemed lost for words and then he said it!!!! Yep a total no, no!!! He called my work "painfully optimistic". Can you imagine???? Now what in the world was I supposed to say to that? I am so glad my girl was there because I think I must have looked dumbstruck. He then explained how he sees no hope in the way things are right now in our world. He wasn't interested in hearing the positive. In fact he said his peace and moved on quickly.
I did a lot of thinking since then about my experience. He made me feel like my work was silly, emotionless, and shallow. Although it did not destroy me or make me want to give up, I needed to process that. I realized and happily say that I see the good in life. I have been through pain and how dare him or anyone judge me because of what they see in my work now. You see I am on the other side of the darkness. If he took a look at my sketch books he would see my journal through my pain, my recovery, and where I found my hope. I am no longer a wounded bird but free to fly! I may have scars that I will always carry but they will not define me. I have to paint what is inside and that is my Faith, Hope, and Love.

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  1. haha! painfully optimistic! that doesn't sound like a bad way to be to me. from the sounds of it, much better than where he stands! :) looks like a fun show.